2017-18 Paradigm Indices & Samples

We are proud of the quality of our research offerings. Below you can find the indices for our 2017-2018 product lineup, along with some samples of publications from previous seasons.

2017-18 Policy / CX Books

Indices for 2017-18 Policy / CX

2016-17 Lincoln Douglas Books

September-October 2016–Nuclear Power (Index)

2016-17 Public Forum Books

September-October 2016–Student Searches (Index)

Samples from Past Seasons

CX: Offshore Drilling Affirmative (Oceans Topic, 2014-15) CX: Energy Case Negative (Oceans Topic, 2014-15) CX: Environment Kritiks (Oceans Topic, 2014-15) LD: Organ Donation (September/October 2014) LD: Environmental Protection (January/February 2014) PF: Voting Rights Act (February 2014) PF: Sports Subsidies (September/October 2014)

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